SQ13 Mini spycam wifi features

SQ13 Mini spycam wifi features


The documentation provides a link the ‘sports dv’ app on google play store. Not looking very promising based on the reviews, I decided to have a go at the alternatives. Also I didn’t like the idea of connecting to the camera on it’s own wifi network. Working on a laptop wirelessly it’s a bit convenient to keep switching from wifi (the internet connection and the camera’s own private), why not just add the wireless camera to the existing wireless internet. In technical terms we needed to but the camera in STATION mode rather than the default AP mode. The only case I can imagine where AP mode is actually wanted is: on the road… But at home, lets use the existing infrastructure, so the cam can be used in surveillance applications.

Find out the IP address

First thing we need. Real easy. Turn on the wifi of the camera by long pressing the mode button. Notice the green led stays lit. Connect your laptop by searching for its Wifi. Check the ipconfig / ip addr show (if your in linux). Notice the subnet . The’ve provided us with a gateway (like it matters) hinting that might be the devices service application IP address.


In my case opening a standard browser show me a chinese login page. In case you haven’t learned Chinese yet (shame on you) it’s asking for credentials. Typically it’ll be nothing. Correct. Voila the settings allow you to turn off the DHCP server, change from AP to Station. Exactly what I needed.


Surveillance camera worthy?

The next step then of coarse was to put it in our network and have our computers be able to access it as an rtsp client, dig in to the live feed.

So far I haven’t had any luck guessing the rtsp:// / link yet. Wireshark might be able to tell me more when I’m back from a business trip.

Until then.

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