Esp8266 Restarts / Power Tip

Esp8266 Restarts / Power Tip

While connecting the esp-12x like in the title picture does work, I ran into problems while using it connected this way controlling the house.

Due to the existing boards on my din rail being foreseen with a 8pin headers, I needed a way to connect the esp-12s (which have more flash). I used standard pin cable which seemed to do the job fine. This means I was able to:

  • Flash it (over USB aswell as OTA)
  • Connect to WIFI with a stable ping.
  • Have the MQTT client heartbeat to a broker.
  • ESP polling a DHT-22 over the GPIO

Then when I wanted to control an output (which is done through a UART to an AVR), the command would work, but right after the ESP would reboot! This was strange since the code was near-identical to the chip I used before (esp-01).

My first instinct was the power. The UART pushes the ESP in a power hungry beast sagging the 3.3V below tolerance.

I then rigged up an adapter board to get the ESP-12 as close as possible to the LDO-3v3. It worked. After rigorous testing with the uart command the ESP did not reboot again.

Once again (as many others mentioned), I’d like to remind the importance of stable, nearby power supply when using the ESP.

Below are some pictures of the adapter board. Basically it allows to fit an esp-12 onto a esp-01 header:


And mounted on the din rail to resume house-automation operations.


Stay tuned for more exciting house developments!

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